October 20, 2008

What is the Sync Framework?

What is the Sync Framework?

The Sync Framework is a Microsoft framework for developing systems that can synchronize any type of data between any type of device and across any type of network. This is the objective behind the framework. In reality it is an extensible framework which can be used by developers to write sync providers that can sync data between devices/data sources or just use existing sync providers to create applications with data synchronization capabilities. When we talk about synchronization, the things that come to our mind is efficiency, reliability, conflict resolution, etc and the Sync Framework handles all of these parameters gracefully with features like: updating incremental data changes instead of the entire dataset, defining conflict resolution policies, graceful cancellation of synchronizations when required without data inconsistencies, support for recycle bin, etc.

Microsoft currently offers 3 types of providers that can be used by developers to write applications that can leverage the functionality in these providers. The sync providers that are currently available from Microsoft are:

Provider for ADO.Net: For synchronizing data between ADO.Net supported data sources.

Provider for File Systems: For synchronizing Files and Folders on an NTFS or FAT file system.

Provider for Feeds like RSS: For synchronizing data from Feeds.

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